Pediatric Airway and Surgical Emergency PROF. HUSSEIN EL KHAYAT

A. Management of airway (simple airway –difficult airway)
B. Interosseous insertion
C. Chest tube
• Hands on:
I. Chest tube II. Interosseous
Target audience:
-Junior doctors -Pediatricians -Intensive care personnel
-General practitioners -ER doctors
-Airway management in Pediatrics including difficult airway management whether in P.I.C.U., Emergency department or intraoperative
– learn how to suspect and how to deal with airway problems in pediatric age
– when and how you need to insert an interosseous line
– Learn the indication for insertion and removal of chest tube
– Choosing the right size for your patients
– Step by step approach for safe application
– When to call a thoracic surgeon
• Course co Ordinator
Dr. Hussein Elkhayat
• Instructors
Dr. Shimaa Abbas
Anesthesiologist (Assiut University), BLS, ACLS, PALS instructor (American heart association), CTLS instructor and Pediatric anesthiologist volunteer for Operation Smile International
Dr. Dieaa Eldin M. Tamer
Pediatric intensivist consultant (Assiut University Children Hospital), BLS and PALS Faculty instructor (American Heart Association), Operation Smile International Volunteer.

Dr. Hussein Elkhayat
(cardiothoracic surgery consultant, instructor for ATLS course for American college of surgeons and instructor for the comprehensive trauma life support course CTLS)
Dr. Mohamed Farouk
(cardiothoracic surgeon, instructor for ATLS course for American college of surgeons)


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